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Dear friend,


If you have ever wanted to start your own thriving bulk sms business right here in Nigeria ... that generates a steady monthly income…then this is the best message you read today.


Not only will you discover how to start a profitable bulk sms business…you will also discover how to start one without web design skills and with as little as 10k capital.

You will also discover proven ways to attract 1-5 paying customers daily using proven marketing secrets used only by the savviest bulk sms business owners.

Some of these secrets (revealed by the 3 experts interviewed) have never been revealed or shared with anyone.

These secrets will help you start a bulk sms business that will …

…augment your present income …and make extra cash to take care of your daily needs

…start a successful business that does not require too much capital to start and does not suck away all your available time

…make enough cash to take care of your family and needs of your immediate family

…make enough spare cash to buy your nice things like clothes, shoes and anything that will make you look clean, RESPECTED and complimented by friends and family

…as a student to stop depending on people who only give you money after they humiliate, insult and take advantage of you

… Stop depending on your monthly salaries that sometimes don’t come on time and may not be enough to run your expenses

…end money worries and the frustration of not having money to take care of yourself and your needs

…Start saving money for the rainy day or to buy your car or to buy land to build your house or buy whatever you fancy

…save money to start another business or pay your school fees …or for any kind of training or education you like…

…contribute your quota in church and get the spiritual blessings that come with giving. Even contribute to any association you like and be seen as a financial member …fully respected and consulted for events and programs.

And much more…

But All Of These Will Become Just Dreams If You Ignore And Don’t Take Action On The Opportunity Revealed To You Today

I want you to just imagine not having to worry about little money anymore.

Imagine not having to totally depend on your salary anymore…because your little side business makes enough cash …and grows daily to run your affairs

Imagine having money to travel anywhere you want (without any prior notice) to Lagos, PH, Calabar, Abuja or any place you like…for any reason you like.

All you do is pack your bag and head out to the airport, luxury taxi terminus…or to your car…zooming off confidently into the sunlight …because all expenses were taken care of in advance by a little new business.

Imagine having money to give yourself a treat every now and then (weekends or month ends). You could drink a beer or two (or any drink you like) at your favourite bar…or you could give yourself a treat relaxing at your favourite fast food with your lover, friend or family member.

Imagine never depending on people (friends, boyfriends, parents or even relatives) who only insult, look down, humiliate and take advantage of you before they help you out with money.

You just head to the nearest ATM machine and withdraw money from any of your accounts …generated by your bulk sms business.

Imagine never feeling pity for yourself …or feeling bad or depressed because you can’t afford to buy little things to take care of yourself …

Imagine being able to send money to anyone (your friends, family member or lover) ...any time they request for it…without calculating how to borrow or how to pay back money to somebody somewhere…

Imagine never worrying about where to get or who to borrow you cash

You are totally independent and confident… knowing your next meal and expenses for the month is well catered for in advance…by your bulk sms business.

Imagine being able to buy anything

…And It’s All Because You Now Have A  Business…Generating Extra Income For You At Will.

Now you may think this is just a dream filled with empty hype. Well, the truth is this.

Bulk sms business is not magic money or get rich quick scheme. You will still need to work …but with the secrets you will soon discover…your Bulk sms business will be very profitable.

You may have thought of starting a bulk sms business before but because of some genuine concerns …you refuse to start one.

Genuine concerns like …

“I don’t know how to start a business…and have never started a business before...so I can’t achieve this”

“I don’t have a lot of cash to start my bulk sms business”

“I don’t know how to build a website…so how do I start this business?”

 Well, these are all genuine things to worry about…but …I promise you…all of these things will not hinder your success because …I have laid out a comprehensive package… 

...that breaks down everything needed to success in this biz…into small bite sized information you can digest in few minutes and implement in the next hour.



olu test

aminu test

All the barriers that can stop you from starting a bulk sms business…have been solved in details to ensure you don’t make any mistake.

Here’s Why Starting A Bulk Sms Business Today is A Great Decision…

The bulk sms business is truly a different and amazing animal.

It’s different from all other kinds of businesses…in many ways …whether offline or online…because… people are paying you for sms units …not physical goods.

So you’ll never be seen huddling along the streets with physical goods…desperately begging anyone to buy from you…

 You don’t need to spend money on any special kind of equipment or pay for physical space to store anything.

You get paid without physically exchanging anything while customers go online and enjoy the service.

Here’s Another Great Thing About Your Bulk Sms Business…

Bulk sms units are not perishable goods like tomato, yam and other physical goods.

It does not expire.

Customers can still pay you for SMS units you bought 3 months or 2 years ago.

Just imagine how cool that is.

With Bulk SMS Business…NOTHING Gets WASTED …Nothing EXPIRES…And Nothing is THROWN AWAY

Now let’s talk about the building bulk sms websites …


Building websites can be hard.

It’s a pure technical skill for people who can handle it…unfortunately many of us can’t.

But…Fortunately you don’t need this skill to start your bulk sms business…


…because bulk SMS platforms are created so non-technical people…like you and me…can instantly use it without spending long hours …trying to figure out anything.

They know their customers are mostly non-technical people… so bulk sms platforms have ready-made websites you can instantly use. 

They can even help you set up these websites for a small fee.

 All you do is …enter your name, update some information, customize your site…and you are done. 

You can customize your bulk sms site in 15 minutes or less and start using it…to generate income …that same day.

I know it sounds too simplistic…but it’s 100% true…and I will show you how.

Just know this…

You Don’t Need To Know How To Build A Website To Start And Run A Successful Bulk SMS Business.

So How Much Does It Cost To Start A Bulk SMS Business?

Most people don’t start any business because they don’t have capital to start.

In fact most businesses require so many things to start ... which means they need a lot of money to start.

This is 100% different from the bulk sms business.

You don’t need a lot of money to start…in fact you can start today using just N10 000 .

(In fact one of the experts I interviewed revealed how you can start with just with much less…don’t worry I will show you how)

You don’t need to have previous business experience … surely this can help …but anyone can start from scratch and get this to work.

…Especially If You Follow A Well Laid Out …Bulk Sms Business System , revealing…In Easy To Understand Language… Step By Step,  All You Need To Succeed.

Here another thing…

Bulk SMS Business Is Location Independent

You are not stuck in one location: in an office you hate.

With a boss, who does not appreciate your efforts … snapping at you and screaming down your neck any time your make any mistake.

Your business is not dependent on your location.

You Can Travel Today To Lagos …Or To Abuja Or Any Place You Like And The Business Does Not Die Nor Shut Down.

You can run your business…whether you are in your town or not.

It doesn’t matter.

No one is bothered if you are in town or not…so travelling does not disturb your business…or how much you earn.

How many businesses …you know are like this?

You sit relaxed in a comfortable sofa …chatting up a friend you travelled to visit in Lagos (or anywhere) or you sit watching an interesting movie and ...

...without warning …a credit alert lands on your phone…informing you someone just paid money to your bank account .

Then the person calls you to confirm payment how to use the service.

Or You Can Be Having A Beer (Or Any Drink You Like) With Friend At A Favourite Bar (Or Restaurant) …Relaxing …Away From The Hot Afternoon Sun, And An Alert Drops…Disrupting The Peace Of Your Phone…And Informs You A Repeat Customer Just Paid In Money To Your Bank Account.

And this is not a 1 time event.

It happens as you relax at home, as you work at the other office.

Or as you stroll on the street…and even at a meeting in church.

It happens in the morning, in the afternoon or even evening.

Payment notifications flood your phone weekly or monthly.

All you do is confirm, make a call back or just add some sms units to the account of the person…and you are done.

All this is done with your smart phone. While you sit relaxed with a friend, lover or just on your own…watching a movie…or having a meal…or doing anything.

Nothing can really beat that.

Bulk SMS Business Doesn’t Really Need Employees

Most businesses need employees but your Bulk sms business does really need one.

You can if you want but it’s not necessary because you can handle everything on your own. Easy as ABC.

The process is not complicated.

Customers can log in to your site and send bulk sms they paid for…or they can send you the message the want sent…via text or email…and you just log into their account …type the message …press send…and you are done.

They can even pay you extra to do this for them.

No need to give away part of your profit.

Other Reasons Why Starting A Bulk SMS Business Is Easy And Profitable.


You know, Bulk SMS business is one of the coolest and easiest online /offline business to start in Nigeria. There are many reasons for this:


1.Bulk Sms Business Is Very Profitable  

You can get from 50% to 200% profit from this business. This depends on how much you buy the SMS that you will resell .

There are only very few businesses in Nigeria that have similar profit potential. This is the reason why many people are rushing to go into this online business .


2. Bulk SMS Business It Is Not Expensive To Start 

The biggest complain many people have about starting any kind of business is having capital .But with the bulk SMS business ,you don’t need so much capital.

You can start with as low as N3500. (Price of a pair of jeans) .This is absolutely true. I will show you how.

Compare this to many other kinds of businesses that require N100 000 , N200 000 ,N500 000 or N1 000 000 to start .You can start now just using your pocket money.

You don’t need to get loan from anyone or any bank.


3. Bulk SMS Business Is Easy To Set Up 

You do not need to know how to build a website , or any complex technical thing to set up a bulk SMS site.

Everything will be handled for you by your dealer.

Technical skills can still help BUT is not required.

Another thing.

Bulk SMS business does not really require having an office. You can run in from the comfort of your home, in cyber cafes or anyway you choose.

It is a business that is easy to set up and administer.

Other businesses require spending lots of money on rent for office space, office furniture, tools and more.

You don’t need all these for bulk SMS business.


4.Bulk SMS Business Is Not Very Time Consuming 

Another cool thing about this business is “this business is not time consuming” .

After you set it up all you do is get customers.

You can run it after going to your usual day job.

You can run it only on weekends.

This means you can still work your full time job while you grow your bulk SMS business .This will add to your monthly income and ultimately, replace you day job.

This business works even if you have a fulltime job or you are a student.

Only very few businesses can give you this kind of leverage.


  5.There is Growing Demand For Bulk SMS Services 

Have you noticed that more and more people now use bulk sms services to announce and invite friends to their weddings and other kinds of ceremonies?

Have you noticed that many big businesses, small businesses and organizations now use bulk sms to advertise and reach their target market?


Even churches and other religious organizations have now realized that bulk sms is a faster, quicker and effective way to remind their members to come to church programs.




Although more people, churches, businesses and organizations are demanding for these services, we still have many who are not using bulk sms services yet.


 Guess What? 

This means demand for bulk sms services will continue to increase every year due to the demand and growing number of mobile phone users.

Many towns, local government areas and villages still have nobody providing this service yet.

And businesses are now demanding for this service .

More are turning to bulk SMS for advertising their business.

This business is still very wide open.  


So How Does One Start A Successful Bulk SMS Business

You need 2 Important Things 

1.     A bulk SMS website from a good SMS dealer

2.     paying customers

The easiest part to set up is the bulks SMS website.


The Problem

Most courses teaching how to start a bulk SMS business only talk about the easiest part of creating a bulk SMS business.

Which is the technical part .

Many Courses Never Talked About How To Actually Get Paying Customers.

But Here Is A Staggering Big SECRET… This is the REAL KOKO


All successful Bulk SMS Business succeed because of “paying customers”.

And paying customers come from MARKETING .

Without marketing, making money from your Bulk SMS business will be like squeezing water from a rock.


So How Does One Get Customers

To get these answers I interviewed 3 successful bulk SMS business owners and learn all their “customer getting secrets”.

I Interviewed them via e-mail and phone and learn all their marketing secrets .

Here Are The 2 Bulk SMS Experts I Interviewed   

1. Eno Ebuh from PotentSMS.com.


A successful Bulk SMS Business expert  in Uyo.

2. Jide Ogunsanya from OgbongeSMS.com


Blogger ,online entrepreneur , bulk sms business expert.

After these interviews I spent days doing all kinds of research .I scavenged the internet and dug for answers about “how a bulk SMS business can get customers online and offline ”.

I compiled everything they revealed and all I learnt from my research into  a course called :

Bulk SMS Business Course

bulk sms 3d cd bsbc

This comprehensive course reveals all you need to know about starting a “profit pulling” bulk SMS business in Nigeria.

It shows how all you need to know about setting up a bulk sms business, how to find the best sms dealer , how to easily get a flood of paying customers ,effective ways to market the business and all you need to know to grow this business profitably.

It is an 8 module course that comes in PDF format and audio files.

This Is Exactly What You Get When You Order This Course 

1.    How to set up a bulk SMS business website from scratch 

(technical part of the business ) PDF file-7 pages (This module reveals  everything about setting up the web site and getting it ready to get customers)

2.    Interview of 3 successful bulk SMS business experts (PDF -17 pages)

(this module reveals all the hidden secrets used by “3 successful bulk SMS business owners and experts)

3.    How To Start A Bulk SMS Business With As Low As N3500 (Audio Interview With Jide Ogunsanya) mp3 audio -8 minutes  28 seconds long

(discover the exact steps to use and start a bulk sms business with the smallest capital possible)

4.    How To Pick A Good Dealer And Grow Your Bulk SMS Business (audio interview with Eno Ebuh ) mp3 audio  28 minutes 8 seconds long

5.    How To Get Customers Using Proven Offline Marketing Strategies ( PDF- 7 pages ) (proven offline marketing and ways to get people to pay to use your bulk sms service)

6.    How To Get Customers Using Online Marketing Strategies(8 Pages –PDF) (proven online marketing strategies to get customers to your bulk sms service)

7.    Marketing Materials And Templates You Can Adapt And Use For Your Bulk SMS Business ( 10 pages -Doc) 

8.    Exact “Irresistible” Proposal Letters (Used By The Pros) To Pull In different kinds of Customers daily to their bulk SMS business (you get 2 templates for churches and businesses ). Doc -4 pages

You Will Discover The Following After Reading This Course;

  • How to start your own bulk SMS business in Nigeria without making mistakes , wasting time and wasting money
  • How to start your own bulk SMS business in Nigeria with as low as N3500
  • How to easily get 1-5 paying customers daily to your bulk SMS business even if you don’t have plenty money for adverts
  • How to set up your bulk SMS business website (and how to get your bulk SMS dealer to do it for you for free)
  • 4 important things you MUST check for when choosing a bulk SMS dealer (this is to avoid wasting money and time on incompetent and scammy dealers)
  •  2 SMS dealers  recommended by successful bulk SMS business owners (this will ensure you don’t make any mistake when picking a dealer)
  •   The best types of customers you SHOULD have for your bulk SMS business and how to get them.(this ensures you get paid every week or month for your service)
  • The worst type of customers to have for your bulk SMS business
  • Big mistakes you SHOULD avoid when starting a bulk SMS business
  • A single tip that will sky rocket your bulk SMS business earnings
  •  The 2 very effective ways to promote and get paying customers to your bulk SMS business online for FREE
  • How to effectively use facebook to promote and bring paying customers for your bulk SMS business for FREE
  • How to cheaply promote and get paying customers to your bulk SMS business using newspaper classified adverts
  • How to cheaply promote and get paying customers to your bulk SMS business using plain posters and flyers
  • Exact templates and sample letters you will use to literally force your prospects to use your bulk SMS service
  • The very minimum amount of capital needed to start a bulk SMS business
  • The single and biggest risks involved in starting a bulk SMS business
  • One effective thing you SHOULD do to keep your clients coming back to use your service
  • The 2 types of bulk SMS business you can start and the cheapest one to start
  • The BEST types of clients you SHOULD get for your bulk SMS business (this types of clients pay consistently weekly and monthly)
  • A simple but “deadly effective” way to write proposal letters to people that will cause them to quickly pay for your bulk SMS services.
  • How to properly price your bulk SMS service for maximum profit
  • A very important item you MUST ask and get from your SMS dealer to help you run your bulk SMS business well
  • How to use people’s money to grow your bulk SMS business (not loans or credit )
  • How to get customers for your bulk SMS business even if you don’t have SMS credits on your reseller account.
  • How to get customers for your bulk SMS business even if you don’t have SMS credits on your reseller account.
  • How to brainstorm and pick “easy-to-remember” domain name for your bulk SMS business (this will ensure your
  • client will easily remember your domain name when you mention it or when they see it in an advert)
  • The most important thing you must know about your sms dealer before making any kind of payment
  •  Another extremely profitable way to make money from your bulks SMS business without having to sell or even send any SMS .
  • A simple investment /action you can make that will greatly INCREASE your profits
  • The different specific kinds of highly targeted proposal letters that will almost force your prospects to pay for your services .
  • What to write on simple but “highly effective” plain paper posters that will bring in clients daily (simply write and print using plain A4 paper)

But Before You Download These Training, Who Is Mk Akan?
Who is Mk Akan?

Does he really know this thing? Or is he just writing a long story to convince you to part with your money, then he disappears?

Well, it’s good to be careful with your cash. In this our naija, you never know who is who.

My name is Mk Akan.

Mk AKan

I am an entrepreneur helping Nigerians and people all over the world make money and increase sales of their products and services.

I do so through products, services, coaching and seminars.See what people say about me and some of my products and services.

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That's Me Speaking In A Seminar Training In Uyo.

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Me And Some Other Popular Nigerians Entrepreneurs And Speakers


See What Readers , Customers , Subscribers And Fans Say about Me And My Blog, E-mails And products. (So You Know Am Not Some lousy Scammer)

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Now That You Know This Is Real, And Mk Akan Is Legit.

What's The Cost of These Trainings?

Before I answer that , let me say this...

There are 2 services I can render to you.

Package 1 -The Platinum Package

In this package I do all the work for you. I buy the domain name , create the website then set it up for you. I also prepare all the marketng materials for you...then...

....set up a facebook page for your bulk sms business FREE (I usually charge  for this)

...Set up a blogspot blog for your bulk sms business FREE ( I also charge for this). You get 1000 SMS unit FREE.

And you get the GOLD Package FREE.

What's in the Gold Package? See below.

The cost of the Platinum Package is N40 000.

If you want this package call, 0809 444 1001 for details. 

I (Mk ) will answer and talk to you directly.

Package 2 - The Gold Package

The Gold has all the training... and will be handed all to you. This training shows you how to build the BULK SMS Business by yourself.

You'll get the marketing materials, the sales letters ,the audio interviews and everything listed on this page.

This will be sent to your email after you order.

The Total Value Of The Entire Training Is Over N30 000 because The “Proposal Letters” And Other Marketing Materials Alone Is Invaluable.

A Live Seminar About Bulk SMS Business Will Cost About N20 000 To Attend. 

So I can easily charge N10,000 for this training …but for a short time you can get It for…


(I am selling it at this discount but the price will go up at any time)

Here Is How To Order …

 To Order Without A Debit Card Pay …

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Exactly Am I Going To Get When I Buy This Course?

You will main 4 things.

1.    The technical skills needed to set up a bulk SMS business from scratch (pdf)

2.    Proven strategies you can use to get paying customers from the first day of getting your bulk SMS business (this is the core module of this course) (pdf)

3.    Secrets of 3 successful bulk SMS business owners. (Interview series reveals best kept secrets of top dogs and gurus who have built a successful bulk SMS business). (pdf and audio)

4.    marketing materials to help you get customers

The different modules come in PDF s. The second module is an audio mp3 file.

2.   Is N5000 Not Too Much For This Course?

I can understand that N5000 is a lot of money but if you consider the amount of value and the fact that you will make back your money.


 Also consider that you will be taught by experts. Then the course is very affordable and N5000 is a good investment.


3. How Soon Can I Get The Course After I Pay For It?

Within 24 hours after we have confirmed your payment I will send the course to you via e-mail.


4. What If I Don’t Like The Course Can I Return It?

Yes Of course.

You are backed by a 6 months money back guarantee.

If you order the course and take the actions we recommend and you do and you don’t make money in less than 6 months’ time.

 You can ask for your money back. I will send it to you immediately


This Is Why You Should Order Now

1. The price will go up after i get 10 testimonials (if you buy now you will save money)

2. Every second you delay is time you would have spent in starting and growing your bulk sms business.

Order now to start earning money from this business.

Here Is How To Order …

 To Order Without A Debit Card Pay …

1. Pay N5000 into this Account

Name :Mk Wealth Company

Bank : First Bank PLC

Account Number :2016 784 259

then …

2.Text The following to 0809 444 1001

1. Your name

2. Name of product which is “ BSBC

3. Amount paid

4.Date paid

5. Teller Number

6.Your E-mail address

Within 24 Hours after confirming your payment, the course will be sent to your e-mail.


Our 6 MONTHS 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you buy this course and do exactly what is revealed in the course and you do not make any profit six months after you ordered it, then I do not deserve to keep your money.

If that happens, please ask for your money back. I will refund it to your account immediately.

Mk Akan.



This is the most comprehensive bulk SMS business training course you can get anyway in Nigeria at the best bargain price possible. 

Get it now that the price is still low. 

This will increase at any time.


You get to learn the secrets of 2 successful bulk SMS business owners and how they paying customers.



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